Available services

We service all makes and models, including ESPEC, Thermotron, Russells, Tenney, Blue M, Solo, Envirotronics, Weiss, TestEquity, Despatch, Bethlehem, and many others.

We service most chamber types including thermal cycling, ESS, transfer, thermal shock, temperature/humidity, temperature/vibration, salt fog, sand, vacuum, dust, altitude, rain, HAST and others.

All of our personnel are EPA-certified and all work is performed in accordance with EPA guidelines. 

Chamber installation & startup - We'll install and start your new or used chamber, perform calibration, and instruct your personnel on basic operation.  We can also help with water and utility connection requirements.

Chamber repair - We repair all refrigeration, electrical, & control components and our service includes troubleshooting & diagnostics along with replacement of compressors, valves, switches, controllers, condensers, chart recorders, humidity and vibration components.

Calibration & preventive maintenance - We'll keep your equipment calibrated to NIST and military standards and perform preventive procedures that help prevent costly interruption in service.  We can do this on an as-needed basis or set up a service contract for scheduled service calls.

Chamber rebuilds - If your existing chamber is not reliable or needs to perform better, this option is faster and more affordable than buying a new one.  We can replace all or some of the system components and even upgrade chamber performance to exceed original specifications.  Lead time is usually 3-4 weeks for a complete rebuild as opposed to a 3-4 month lead time for a new custom chamber -- and the cost is generally 50-70% less than the cost of a brand new chamber!  Your rebuilt chamber will operate like a new one (or better!) and comes with a six-month warranty.

Chamber upgrades - Do you need your chamber to go colder, faster ... say 15°C per minute?  No problem.  Need a wider temperature range?  Or perhaps you have a requirement for humidity testing, but no humidity chamber?  We can modify most chambers to greatly enhance temperature range and transition rate and we can add humidity capability to many chambers.  We also install failsafe and overlimit devices, replace outdated controllers and chart recorders with state-of-the-art units, and can change air or LN2 cooling systems to water, or vice versa.  Many other modifications and upgrades are available.  Contact us about your test profile requirements to find out more about this very affordable alternative to purchasing new equipment.

Chamber relocation - We can prepare one chamber or a whole laboratory for relocation to the same or different facility and will also arrange and supervise transport.

Refrigerant conversion - We replace obsolete types of refrigerant such as R-13 & R-502 with the newer EPA-approved HFC/HCFC's.

Personnel trainingWe provide customized training in equipment use and basic maintenance to help your employees better operate your chambers and spot early signs of trouble.  Our company is also approved to provide training and testing for EPA certification to allow your own employees to service your test equipment.

Consultation - We offer advice on equipment purchases, test profiles, lab and/or chamber set-up or relocation, preventive maintenance, and more.

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